Water Lettuce Floating Pond Plant


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FLOATING FOLIAGE! Rosettes of velvety green leaves resemble a floating head of lettuce! Perfect for use in small ponds & containerized water gardens!

FAST GROWING & EASY CARE! Simply toss your bareroot water lettuce into the water & watch them grow & multiply! No planting and no messy soil!

NATURAL FILTRATION! Incredible floating root systems increase natural filtration! Improves the health of your pond’s ecosystem!

PROTECT YOUR PRIZED FISH! Floating plant cover is vital for protecting your precious koi & goldfish from predators! Plants spread prolifically, providing life-saving shelter & shade for beloved outdoor pets!

100% QUALITY GUARANTEED! Our plants are grown & shipped by skilled, trusted aquatic plant experts! Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive & healthy!

Common name: Water lettuce, water cabbage
Botanical name: Pistisa stratioes
Plant height: <1 foot
Plant spread: Spreading habit
Light requirements: Full sun to full shade
USDA hardiness zones: 9-11

Cannot be shipped to: AL, CA, CO, FL, LA, MS, PR, SC, TX, WI

Water lettuce floats on the water’s surface due to specialized, air-filled leaves that resemble floating heads of cabbage! The large leaves have a beautiful blue-green color and soft velvety finish! Incredible floating root systems increase natural filtration & oxygenate water! Floaters provide much-needed shelter & shade, resulting in improved water quality & ecosystem health. You may find your pond fish eating the floating roots as a nutritious snack or using them as a safe spawning site! Simply toss your water lettuce into the pond with roots facing down; no planting necessary!

Note: Be sure to use dechlorinated water for your floating plants. Never dispose of unwanted floating plants into natural bodies of water, as they can interfere with ecosystems. If you wish to remove some from your pond, simply pull them out & throw them straight into the compost bin or trash!