Virginalis Water Lily


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PURE AS FRESHLY FALLEN SNOW! Snowy-white double blooms make for an elegant and peaceful pond ambiance! White water lilies symbolize purity!

ABUNDANT BLOOMS! One of the most prolific and free flowering varieties available! A superbly dependable bloomer!

WINTER HARDY & BLACK THUMB FRIENDLY! Perennial water lilies are resilient, easy-care plants that don’t require a green thumb to survive & thrive for many years! They arrive bare root & ready to plant!

NATURAL CLARITY! Water lilies are a natural source of filtration for your water, improving water clarity, quality, and health the safe, eco-friendly way!

100% QUALITY GUARANTEE! Our water lilies are grown & shipped by skilled, trusted aquatic plant growers. Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy!

The picturesque, snowy white blooms of ‘Virginalis’ are not the only feature that make it a winner! It is also one of the most dependable, free flowering varieties available! Many growers consider ‘Virginalis’ one of the finest white water lilies there is! It has a long blooming season and a pleasant light fragrance. Dark green glossy lily pads with a purple cast are the perfect compliment to paper-white blooms!


  • Cultivar name: Nymphaea ‘Virginalis’
  • Bloom color: White
  • Bloom size: 4 – 6”
  • Bloom time: Spring/Summer-Early Autumn
  • Plant spread: 3 – 4’
  • Water depth: 6 – 48” 
  • Light requirement: Full sun
  • USDA hardiness zone: 3 – 11

NOTES FROM THE EXPERTS AT CHALILY: Our live Water Lilies are delivered as bare root plants. This means that the plant has mature, growing root structures ready to be planted. We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus Fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants for best flowering.