Thousand Petals Duplicate Pink Lotus


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THOUSAND PETALS! Thousand Petals Duplicate Pink as the name implies this lotus has tons of petals on each bloom. Averaging around 200 petals each bloom is bursting at the seams with color and excitement. Thousand Petals are known as a customer favorite around here!

FUSCHIA TO FAIRYTALE! Each bloom is its own shade of pink! They can fade from a bright fuschia pink all the way to bubble gum pink to a pale fairytale pink. This adds lots of visual intrigue to anywhere you plant your new lotus.

READY-TO-PLANT TUBER! You will receive one live lotus tuber ready to plant! Follow our simple planting instructions included, and watch your tuber spring to life!

EXTRAORDINARY LEAVES! Lotus plants feature an incredibly unique, parasol-shaped arial leaves which add exotic beauty while shading the pond and sheltering your prized fish!

100% QUALITY GUARANTEE! Our lotus are grown & shipped by skilled, trusted aquatic plant experts. Your tuber is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy!

Thousand Petals Duplicate Pink are bursting at the seams with color and excitement. Each bloom averages around 200 petals. That’s a lot of bang for your buck! Each bloom is it’s own unique shade of pink. From fuchsia to bubblegum to fairytale pink, each bloom looks special in its own way. This is continually one of our most requested lotus as well as a best seller. It’s a tall lotus measuring it at around 4 feet tall when mature with blooms around 10′ across. This lotus is ideal for large spaces with lots of sun. Thousand Petals Duplicate Pink is a showstopper that won’t disappoint!


  • Cultivar name: Nelumbo Nucifera Hongtai Lian 
  • Bloom color: Pink
  • Bloom width: 10” – 12” 
  • Bloom time: Mid-Late Summer
  • Flower type: Thousand Petal, Averaging Around 200
  • Recommended pot size: 20”
  • Plant height: Tall 48” and taller
  • Water depth: 12” – 18”
  • Light requirement: Full Sun 
  • USDA hardiness zones: 4-11

NOTES FROM THE EXPERTS: It is important to handle your lotus tuber with care and not disturb or break the growing tips. Refrigerate your tuber until you are ready to plant. Do not fertilize until you see the first arial leaf, and fertilize lightly until maturity. When mature, a lotus flowers best with regular fertilization. We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants.