String Algae Twister


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✅ Bye Bye Algae! String and blanket algae doesn’t stand a chance against the Algae Twister! 

✅ Telescoping Handle! The telescoping handle extends from 29”-48” making normally hard to reach places a walk in the park!

✅ Maximum Algae Collection! Algae Twister’s serrated aluminum head measures 4.5” in diameter for maximum algae collection! 

✅ Easy Clean! The twister head design makes clean-up a breeze!

Nycon’s Algae Twister is the perfect tool for removing string and blanket algae from your pond. Its serrated aluminum head is designed for efficient twist up algae and a super quick pace. The aluminum head is designed for easy cleaning. The telescoping handle extends up to 48” making those hard to reach spots child’s play.