Chalily Spring Start-Up Multi Stage System


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RETURN TO GLORY! Our Spring Start-Up is a specifically formulated two-stage system for use as your pond water warms. This system helps your pond return to its former glory after the long winter season!  

CLEAR AS CRYSTAL! The first part of the Spring Start-Up is the De-Sludger which uses enzymes to clear your pond of seasonal buildup! It is perfect for use between pond cleanouts!

PROPER POND BALANCE! The next step in our Spring Start-Up is the Kick-Starter, which kick-starts proper pond balance! It seeds the biological filter and helps your pond to run smoothly!

MOTHER NATURE KNOWS BEST! Our Spring Start-Up is made with 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients! Here at Chalily, we know how important it is to have only the best products for your pond! 

SAFE FOR ALL! Our Spring Start-Up is completely safe for your plants, fish, wildlife and household pets!

Chalily Spring Start-Up is a multi stage system to help get your pond back into tip-top shape after the long winter! Made specifically for use in spring, our formula helps your pond to look clear and run smoothly in no time! Our Spring Start-Up uses only 100% natural and green ingredients! It is completely safe for your plants, fish, wildlife and household pets! The Spring Start-Up has two stages, the Kick-Starter, which comes in a 16 fl oz bottle and the De-Sludger, which contains 50 tablets. 

Our De-Sludger are tablets that sink to the bottom of your pond where our unique blend of enzymes attack pond sludge, fish waste, and dead plant matter! Our concentrated enzymes clear your pond of seasonal buildup by digesting excess sediment. It is perfect for use between physical pond cleanouts! The De-Sludger will get your pond looking as clear as crystal in no time! 

Our Kick-Starter is designed for spring use to seed the biological filter and kick-start proper pond balance! It is a natural formulation which contains a signature blend of beneficial bacteria designed to adjust to the physical and biological changes that occur when your pond water warms. Our advanced formula helps remove ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, nitrite and odor. The Kick-Starter will help get your pond running smoothly after the cold winter months! 

Chalily Spring Start-Up is a must have for getting your pond back to its pre-winter glory!