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NATURAL FLOATING REFUGE! Throws vital, life-saving shade for fish and pond-life!

YUMMY GREEN MACHINE! Nutritious snack for koi, large goldfish and turtles!

UNIQUE, KID-FRIENDLY TEXTURE! Fun, bright emerald green leaves look like cat tongues!

PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS! Grows in and around other aquatic plants for full coverage!

100% QUALITY GUARANTEED! Our plants are grown & shipped by skilled, trusted aquatic plant experts! Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive & healthy!

Common name: eared water moss, water spangles, common salvinia, water fern, cat’s tongue
Botanical name: Salvinia minima
Plant height: Less than an inch
Plant spread: Spreading habit
Light requirements: Full sun to shade
USDA hardiness zones: 10 – 11

This free-floating, rootless fern, is one of the few true aquatic ferns available. It has 3 separate growth stages, meaning 3 different-looking plants in one! Floating atop the water, it is a spectacular plant to shade (and feed) your koi, large goldfish, turtles, and other pond life. Also referred to as a cat’s tongue plant, its leaves have small hairs that make it look like green mini-feline tongues — such fun for children to touch and giggle at! It naturally occurs in still water areas with a high organic-matter content, and while it’s a fast grower, it often plays well with others in both full sun and shade. If it gets a bit too thick, just scoop it out and toss it in the compost bin! A safe bet for the first-time pond-enthusiast!

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