Red Lion Amaryllis Bulbs


Planting Red Lion Amaryllis bulbs is the perfect activity for this holiday season! Whether you’re a gardening expert or a complete beginner, amaryllis plants are easy to grow and care for, making them a beautiful, festive addition to your fall and winter decor. 

Red Lion Amaryllis are perfect for planting indoors during the holidays and brightening up your home during the depths of winter, thanks to their huge, colorful, and long-lasting flowers.

Don’t wait to get yours—Our Red Lion Amaryllis bulbs sell out quickly during the holiday season!

Availability, size, and price vary at our local St. Louis store. Contact us for more info.

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Why Buy Our Red Lion Amaryllis?

At Chalily, we start with only the highest quality Red Lion Amaryllis bulbs. From there, we pre-pot them for you in an array of beautiful pots and vases—they’re ready to start growing as soon as you open your package!

We also 100% guarantee that your Red Lion Amaryllis bulbs will arrive more than just alive; they’ll arrive healthy, happy, and ready to grow. Within a few weeks, you can enjoy the deep red blooms that make Christmas feel like Christmas!

✅ VELVETY RED BLOOMS: Red Lion Amaryllis is a real knockout with large, deep, velvety red blooms. Red Lion is a classic Christmas staple and has been a goto gift for decades. Red Lion truly sets the standard for the season.

✅ PRE-POTTED & READY TO GROW: Our Amaryllis kit arrives ready to grow and bloom! Simply unpack your pre-potted amaryllis and watch the magic of Christmas grow! No hassle and all the rewards of a stunning blooming amaryllis!

✅ WONDERFUL WHITE CERAMIC POT: Our stunning white ceramic pot is perfect for growing amaryllis bulbs. Our pot has a drainage hole and attached saucer for easy watering! Each pot stands 6 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter. Plus, you can use it again and again long after your amaryllis blooms.

✅ HAPPINESS & WARMTH: The warmth from an amaryllis bloom will light up your home in the cold months of winter—each bloom brings pops of joy and color to your space for weeks on end.

✅ QUALITY GUARANTEED: 100% Guaranteed to arrive alive, healthy & ready to grow! At Chalily, we are committed to providing the highest quality bulbs and vases packaged for success. We are not happy until you are happy!

Our Premium bulbs are guaranteed to arrive alive, healthy & ready to grow! At Chalily, we are committed to providing the highest quality bulbs available. The blooms will begin to open just a few weeks from arrival and watering.

Display amaryllis in odd numbers, 3s, 5s, and 7s, to achieve a giant impact. Whether you’re setting up a Christmas mantle, adding a centerpiece to your table, or gifting a loved one something special, an amaryllis in a glass vase will bring the holiday season into your home.

Red Lion Amaryllis FAQ

How much water does my Red Lion Amaryllis need?

Amaryllis prefer well-drained soil. Letting your soil dry full between each watering will promote growth and blooms.

Do I need to fertilize my Red Lion Amaryllis?

Fertilizer isn’t a necessity but an added bonus. Your amaryllis stores its bloom inside the bulb from the previous growing season. The best time to fertilize your amaryllis is after it blooms until you put it back into dormancy. That way it has the energy to produce another large bloom next season.

How much sunlight does my Red Lion Amaryllis need?

Your new Red Lion Amaryllis needs sunshine—Amaryllis require about 4 hours of sunlight per day. The more sunlight the quicker it will bloom or grow. Choose a window with as much light as possible to encourage fast growth.  Because its stalks will bend toward sunlight, we recommend rotating your pot every two weeks or so.

Do I need to prune my Red Lion Amaryllis?

Once the Red Lion flowers wither away, it’s a good idea to cut the dried leaves and stalks (don’t touch the healthy leaves, though!). You can prune leaves when they turn yellow, but keep the amaryllis bulb in the soil.

Can I propagate my Red Lion Amaryllis?

Yes! Red Lion Amaryllis takes 2-3 years from seed to bloom, so propagating from them from bulbs is a faster method. Mature bulbs sometimes produce baby bulbs that grow off the side of the mother bulb. Once they are large enough you can break them off and plant them using the same method as a mature bulb. Once leaves start to sprout, you can start watering your new bulbs.


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