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Night Time Xtravaganza! This bundle will transform your water feature into a Night Time Xtravganza! You can beat the Summer heat and enjoy your pond during the BEST time of day, after the sun goes down. Both Texas Shell Pink and Missouri are annual night blooming water lilies. That means they bloom from dusk ‘til dawn. Texas Shell Pink has vibrant pink petals and center stamens of gold. It is out of this world beautiful! Missouri will shine as bright as the moon. Its pure white petals will look stunning against the dark of night. Star grass adds dimension to your water feature by creating a starry night of white blooms along your pond’s edge. Black Knight Canna has blooms that will light up the night sky with red blooms and deep maroon and green foliage.

This Bundle Includes: 

(1) Texas Shell Pink Annual Water Lily

(1) Missouri Annual Water Lily

(1) Star grass Shallow Water Plant

(1) Black Knight Canna Shallow Water Plant


Texas Shell Pink Water Lily

  • Cultivar name: Nymphaea ‘Texas Shell Pink’
  • Bloom color: Pink 
  • Bloom size: 6 – 8”
  • Bloom time: Summer-fall 
  • Plant spread: 5 – 6’
  • Water depth: 6 – 24”
  • Light requirement: Full sun
  • USDA hardiness zone: 10-11
Missouri Water Lily

  • Cultivar name: Nymphaea ‘Missouri’
  • Bloom color: White
  • Bloom size: 10 – 14”
  • Bloom time: Summer
  • Plant spread: 6 – 8’
  • Water depth: 6 – 24”
  • Light requirement: Full sun
  • USDA hardiness zone: 10 – 11
Star Grass Shallow Water Plant

  • Common name: Star Grass 
  • Botanical name: Dichromena Colorata  
  • Bloom color: White 
  • Bloom time: Spring through Fall 
  • Plant height: 12”-18”
  • Plant spread: 18”
  • Light requirements: Full sun to part shade 
  • Water depth: Up to 3”
  • USDA hardiness zones: 7-11
Black Knight Canna Shallow Water Plant

  • Common name: Black Knight canna
  • Botanical name: Canna x generalis ‘Black Knight’
  • Plant height: 4 – 6’
  • Plant spread: 3 – 4’
  • Bloom time: July – September
  • Bloom color: Red
  • Light requirements: Full Sun
  • Water depth: 2 inches
  • USDA hardiness zones: 7 – 11

NOTES FROM THE EXPERTS AT CHALILY: Our live plants are delivered as bare root plants. This means that the plant has mature, growing root structures ready to be planted. We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus Fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants.