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MOSAIC TILE! Mosaic Plant was given its name because of its unique foliage! The leaves on this plant are a diamond shape which whorl outward in a circular pattern resembling a mosaic tile! Adding to the likeness, when in full sun the leaves get red tinted edges as though painted! 

PROLIFIC BLOOMER! The foliage on the Mosaic Plant is stunning on its own, and in the summer months this plant produces adorable yellow blooms! These yellow blooms look like buttercups and bloom continuously throughout the season! 

WATER-LILY LOOK ALIKE! Mosaic Plants are cousins to water lilies!  Lily Likes provide all the benefits of a water lily; such as a natural source of filtration for your water, improving water clarity, quality, and health the safe,  way!

NATURAL FLOATING REFUGE! Throws vital, life-saving shade for fish and other pond life! Floating leaves provide protection from predators and improve water clarity by limiting direct sunlight.

100% QUALITY GUARANTEED! Our plants are grown & shipped by skilled, trusted aquatic plant experts! Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive & healthy!


Ludwigia Sedioides, also known as Mosaic Plant is a stunning lily-like plant known for its unique foliage! Mosaic Plant got its name for its resemblance to Mosaic Tiles! The leaves on this plant float on top of the water’s surface and whorl outward from the center in a circular pattern! The leaves are diamond shaped and resemble a tiny tile within the pattern. To add to the likeness, when in full sun the leaves get red-tinted edges as though painted! The Mosaic Plant is stunning with its foliage alone, but this plant also produces small yellow buttercup blooms, which bloom profusely! Mosaic Plant is hardy in zones 9-11 and performs best in full sun to part shade. This unique and beautiful plant will be the perfect addition to your pond!


  • Common name: Mosaic Plant
  • Botanical name:  Ludwigia Sedioides
  • Plant height: 3”
  • Plant spread: 2’
  • Water Depth: 4″ – 12″
  • Light requirements: Full sun  – Partial Sun 
  • USDA hardiness zones: 9-11

NOTES FROM THE EXPERTS AT CHALILY: Our live plants are delivered as bare root plants. This means that the plant has mature, growing root structures ready to be planted. We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus Fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants for best blooms and growth.

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