Moonlight on the River Lotus


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MAGIC OF THE MOON! Moonlight on the River is a magic lotus meaning the bloom changes color throughout the bloom time. Moonlight on the River changes from blushing pink to sunset yellow, with pearly white like the moon throughout the bloom time!

THOUSANDS OF PETALS! Moonlight on the River is a multi petal lotus meaning each bloom has many tiny petals making each bloom more full and beautiful!

NATURAL REFUGE! Throws vital, life-saving shade for fish and other pond life!

ENDURANCE OF A RIVER! These shimmery blooms brilliantly shine under the full moon and indoors. Just trim a bloom and bring the beauty of the moon indoors!

100% QUALITY GUARANTEED! Our plants are grown & shipped by skilled, trusted aquatic plant experts! Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive & healthy!


  • Common name: lotus
  • Botanical name:  Nelumbo nucifera
  • Bloom Color: Light Pink – Yellow, Changeable
  • Flower Typer: Multi-petal, more than 50 petals
  • Plant height: Medium, 24 – 47” 
  • Pot Size: 20”
  • Water Depth: 12 – 18” deep
  • Light requirements: Full sun 
  • USDA hardiness zones: 4-11

With lustrous green leaves, and soft pink – moonlight yellow, changeable blooms, our Moonlight on the River Lotus is a truly unique addition for the pond! Each of its ever-changing, double-petal flowers proudly sits above the foliage, and even glows in the moonlight! Great in ponds or medium pots, this beauty will surely form a striking centerpiece to any water garden!

NOTES FROM THE EXPERTS: It is important to handle your lotus tuber with care and not disturb or break the growing tips. Refrigerate your tuber until you are ready to plant. Do not fertilize until you see the first arial leaf, and fertilize lightly until maturity. When mature, a lotus flowers best with regular fertilization. We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants.