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KOI CRACK: Your koi will love Manda Fu or as we like to call it koi crack! These delicious snacks make every koi go CRAZY!

GREAT FOR TRAINING: Manda Fu is a great way to train your koi to eat out of your hand or in a certain area of your pond. These big puffs will help you get to know your koi better!

DESIGNED FOR LOW WATER TEMPERATURE: Manda Fu can be fed to koi in temperatures as low as 45F!

BUY THESE TREATS TO FEED KOI RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HAND! We add a popular Japanese health supplement, Manda Nishiki, to improve health and the lustrous color of your koi all while feeding them from the palm of your hand. If you enjoy the time spent feeding and petting your koi, you will want to have Manda Fu on hand year round. With the best digestion rate of 98.2%, Manda Fu is the most suitable koi food for autumn, winter and spring. You can feed your koi Manda Fu even when the water temperature drops as low as 45F to 50F degrees.

Benefits of Manda Fu Kodama Koi Food: Hand Feed Your Koi Enhanced Health Softer & Smoother Digestion Gorgeous Scales More Dynamic Colors

The recipe for Mandu Fu Kodama Koi Food was developed by Mamoru Kodama, Grand Champion & founder of Kodama Koi Farm. Not satisfied with the koi food that was available, he set out to put together a combination of high quality ingredients that would help him to raise championship quality koi with beautiful, vibrant scales. Manda Fu Kodama Koi Food is a genuine, high quality product formulated in Japan. Fu is a traditional Japanese food with a history of about 600 years.

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