Floating Plant Protector


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Protects Plants! Protects plants delicate roots, stems and leaves from nibbling fish! 

✅ Easy Installation! Easily secure to plant pots or anchors to the bottom of the pond!

✅ Blends Right In! Black netting material easily blends into your natural habitat!

✅ 36” diameter on water surface and  30” deep 

Nycon Floating Plant Protector acts as a plant protector and plant containers. It is designed for long-stem plants, such as water lilies and lily likes. Safely keeps koi and other nibbling fish from snacking on roots, submerged stems and emergent leaves. Floating Plant Protector easily fastens around plant containers or anchors to the bottom of the pond. Black netting material is naturally camouflaged into the pond. 36” Diameter floating protector on water surface. Can be secured to a pot or the bottom of a pond up to 30” below the water surface. 

floating plant protector netting
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