Floating Flora Island


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Product Details

Plants Stay Contained! Your plants stay safe and sound within the floating island, and will not get pulled into the skimmer or downstream!

Protects Plant Roots! Netting blocks nibbling fish and protects plants’ delicate roots! 

✅ Keeps Fish Safe! Gives fish a safe and shady hiding spot from predators!

✅ Blends Right In! Black netting material easily blends into your natural habitat! 

3 sizes perfect for any pond! Floating Flora Island comes in 3 convenient sizes that will easily fit in any size pond. 

Nycon Floating Flora Island acts both as plant protectors and plant containers. Helps keep the pond organized by preventing plants from floating downstream or into the skimmer. Floating Flora island can be weighted to a single spot, or can free float around your pond while keeping your plants contained. Your plants will be completely safe as netting protects fragile plant roots from nibbling fish. The floating flora island also gives your fishy friends a safe hiding spot from predators as well as a shady spot to rest. Black netting material is naturally camouflaged into the pond.


1ft, 2ft, 3ft

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