Fish Spawning Basket/Incubator


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✅ Love Shack Baby! Polyester fur mimics natural plant roots making fish want to spawn inside! 

✅ Protective Barrier! Once eggs are collected, the nest is turned inside out to prevent small fry from predators and filtration!

✅ Easy Setup! The basket can float along the water surface or can be tethered using the anchor tab!

✅ Fish Friendly Material! Polyester material is water safe and fish safe!

18″ Diameter x 18″ Deep

The Nycon Spawning Basket is a perfect solution for collecting eggs and ensuring they hatch safely! Its polyester fur mimics natural plant roots making fish want to spawn inside. The fur easily gathers and attaches eggs for safe keeping. Once eggs are collected, the basket can be turned inside out allowing fry to be hidden from predators and pond filtration. The basket can be mounted to a secure area with the anchor tab, or float along the surface with the included floating foam ring. Made with fish-safe polyester and mesh, this durable basket will last season after season.

fish spawning basket
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