Chalily Dechlorinator Chlorine Neutralizer


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✔ CHLORINE NEUTRALIZER: Removes Chlorine and Chloramine
✔ CONDITION YOUR WATER: Detoxifies Nitrite and Heavy Metals
✔ HELPS WITH FISH HEALTH: Restores ‘Slime Coat’ and Reduces Fish Stress
✔ CITY OR COUNTRY: Doesn’t matter! Effective in tap or well water
✔ Treats up to 128,000 Gallons

Chalily Liquid Dechlorinator is designed to render municipal tap and rural well water safe for use in your pond by neutralizing Chlorine and Chloramine, detoxifying nitrites, and protecting your fish from harmful Ammonia buildup.  Our Liquid Dechlorinator’s natural, soothing botanical extracts help fish adjust in times of increased stress and creates a safe, chill environment for pond fish and other pond life. Like smearing your koi in aloe vera, its stress-reducing nutrients help restore the slime coat on koi and goldfish. An indispensable product, keep Chalily’s Liquid Dechlorinator on hand for adding new fish, routine or emergency water changes, and during times of transit. Just dump it in — it’s that easy!

DIRECTIONS: Apply 1 ounce per 1000 gallons around the edges of the pond and in front of your skimmer so the product has a chance to mix through the entire system.

NOTE: If high quantities of Chlorine or any Chloramines are present, treatment quantity can be safely increased to double the regular dosage to ensure that all Chlorine is neutralized and that all Chloramine bonds are destroyed. When used to neutralize Chloramines, ensure that the pond has established biological filtration and/or follow up with Chalily Beneficial Bacteria to optimize absorption.

ATTENTION: Failure to use as directed may result in injury to, or loss of aquatic life. Chalily is not responsible for any loss of aquatic life. Changes in water conditions not consistent with the label may be detrimental to aquatic life. Not for human consumption. Not for use on food fish.


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