Dalen Pond Netting


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✅ Weatherproof! Made from UV resistant material, these nets can withstand even the harshest conditions!

✅ Keeps leaves out! During the fall months it’s important to prevent leaves out of the water. Netting is the most effective way to keep the leaves out! If leaves are allowed to build up in the pond it will lead to decompositions and bad water quality.  

✅ 3/8” Holes! Prevent even the smallest leaves, seeds, and debris from entering the pond! 

✅ Keeps the Birds at Bay! Netting can be used year round to prevent birds of prey from snacking on your fishy friends! Black netting blends into the natural pond and keeps your fish safe from owls, herons, hawks and more! 

Knitted using highly resistant materials, the mesh protection for ponds is long-lasting, weatherproof, and offers safeguarding from the sun. It floats to prevent fish from getting caught in the net and keeps your ponds/pools clean by capturing falling leaves.


7'x10', 28'x28', 28'x45'

dalen pond and pool netting. Floating protective netting for water gardens ponds, and pools
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