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  • Carotenoids Contained in Spirulina Brighten the Red Color in Koi
  • Vitamin E Rich Formula – Boosts Immunity & Improves Skin Quality in Koi
  • Fresh Fishmeal – Less Histamines for Healthier Koi
  • 50 years of Hands on Experience
  • Softens In the Water – Easily eaten by fish of any size 

Kodama’s Color Up  food is specially formulated for maximum koi growth and health in your koi. The Color Up recipe was developed by Mamoru Kodama the founder of Kodama Koi Farm who has spent over 50 years raising Grand Champion Koi in Japan. Color Up uses only the freshest, and highest quality ingredients based on Mr. Kodama’s research. Color Up contains Spirulina which is a high-protein koi superfood. The carotenoids in spirulina bring out the red color in your koi. The higher the carotenoids the greater the brightening effect in your koi. In Kodama’s Color Up food the carotenoid concentration is 2 times higher than the concentration of the competition’s color enhancing food. The vitamin E contained in raw wheat germ enhances the immunity of the koi and activates metabolism to improve luster and brighten the white skin of koi. The raw wheat germ used in Kodama’s Color Up food contains 35 times more natural vitamin e than the commonly used defatted wheat germ of other fish food. Fresh Fishmeal is one of the most important ingredients in Kodama’s Color Up food. The fresher the fishmeal the lower the histamine content making it safer and healthier for your koi. Color Up food floats and then softens in the water making it easily eaten by fish of all sizes.

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