Chalily Rock and Waterfall Scrubber


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OXYGEN-POWERED CLEANER: Breaks Down Organic Debris on Rocks and Submerged Surfaces

MORE THAN JUST A CLEANER: Helps to Restore Essential Electrolyte Balance

SAVE TIME: Breaking Down Organic Debris Helps Reduce Maintenance

NON-TOXIC: Safe For Fish and Plants
Treats up to 320 Square Feet

Your strongest line of defense, Chalily Rock and Waterfall Scrubber works to quickly and safely remove debris from rocks, waterfalls, streams and anywhere else build-up has occurred by bringing the natural cleaning power of oxygen to your pond! Additionally, it restores the natural electrolyte balance needed to help buffer potentially dangerous pH swings in pond water. These Fish-Safe, dissolvable granules contain no harmful detergents or other chemicals. Use it regularly to reduce pond maintenance, keep your fish safe and healthy, and your rocks pristine!

DIRECTIONS: use 1 ounce (2 Tbsp.) per 10 square feet. Sprinkle a thin layer directly onto problem areas in ponds. Turn off pumps when treating streams and waterfalls. Use as routine maintenance on ponds to keep surface areas clean.

NOTE: Treatment quantity may need to be increased to 1/4 cup (4 Tbs.) for every 1000 gallons of pond water if extremely poor water quality exists or if pond is not properly filtered.

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Couple this product with the usage of Chalily Beneficial Bacteria. Ensure the pond is equipped with a mechanical skimmer device or remove excess debris with a fine net the day after treatment. For best results in streams and waterfalls, shut off the pump during application for 30 minutes. Repeat treatments after 48 hours if needed; Do not apply directly to plant leaves, as the product may cause slight discoloration. Rinse product from water lily or other aquatic plant leaves.

ATTENTION: Failure to use as directed may result in injury to, or loss of aquatic life. Chalily is not responsible for any loss of aquatic life. Changes in water conditions not consistent with the label may be detrimental to aquatic life. Not for human consumption. Not for use on food fish.


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