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GORGEOUS BLOOMS, LUSH FOLIAGE: Our aquatic plant fertilizer gives your plants the nutrients needed to produce bigger, blooms and healthier foliage all season long.

EASY TO USE: Simply press each tablet into the root zone of your plants. Feed your plants 2 times per month. We recommend the 1st and 15th.

AQUATIC LIFE SAFE: Our fertilizer tablets are 100% safe for fish and other aquatic life and do not cause unwanted algae or sludge build-up.

USE FOR ALL AQUATIC PLANTS: Although formulated for water lilies and lotus, Chalily fertilizer tabs will promote strong, healthy growth in all aquatic plants.

GUARANTEED BLEND: Our fertilizer is lab-tested to ensure consistency and efficacy in every tablet.

NEW FROM CHALILY! Chalily Water Lily and Lotus Fertilizer tablets are nontoxic and safe for fish and all aquatic life. Specifically designed to stimulate lush foliage and beautiful blooms in water lilies, lotus and shallow water plants. Chalily Fertilizer tablets promote strong roots and healthy plants all season long!
Directions: Keep tablets dry until use. Push each tablet into the root zone about 3 inches from the center of the plant. Press soil over the top of the tablet for best performance. For each gallon of soil use 1 tablet. Fertilize on the 1st and 15th in the months of April through August.

10-14-8 Guaranteed Analysis:
– Total Nitrogen: 10.0%
– Ammoniacal Nitrogen: 5.5%
– Nitrate Nitrogen: 2.4%
– Water Insoluble Nitrogen: 1.5%
– Urea Nitrogen: 0.6%
– Available Phosphate: 14.0%
– Soluble Potash: 8.0%
– Boron: 0.02%
– Copper: 0.05%
– Water soluble Copper: 0.05%
– Iron: 0.11%
– Water Soluble Iron: 0.11%
– Manganese: 0.12%
– Water Soluble Manganese: 0.12%
– Molybdenum: 0.0006%
– Zinc: 0.07%
– Water Soluble Zinc: 0.07%

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