Azolla – Fairy Moss Floating Pond Plant


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FLOATING MAGIC CARPET! Miniature plants float beautifully on the water’s surface like a soft carpet! This eye-catching floater adds an incredible lacey texture to still water! Mesmerizing velvety appearance!

SPARKLES IN THE SUN! Water beads on the surface of the leaves, creating an enchanting glistening effect! Add some magic to your pond or container garden!

SPECTACULAR AUTUMN COLOR! Bright lime green shifts into shades of fiery scarlet red & deep plum-burgundy in cool & extremely hot temperatures!! A pop of fall color that floats!

PROTECT YOUR PRIZED FISH! Floating plant cover is vital for protecting your precious koi & goldfish from predators! Plants spread prolifically, providing life-saving shelter & shade for beloved outdoor pets!

100% QUALITY GUARANTEED! Our plants are grown & shipped by skilled, trusted aquatic plant experts! Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive & healthy!

Common name: Fairy moss, water fern, water velvet, mosquito fern
Botanical name: Azolla caroliniana
Plant height: Less than an inch
Plant spread: Spreading habit
Light requirements: Full sun to part shade
USDA hardiness zones: 7-11

Azolla is used for its wonderful texture and striking blue-green to red coloration! This incredibly unique plant spreads quickly in ideal conditions & is very low-maintenance to grow! Simply add it evenly to the water’s surface; no planting required. Your fish may even graze on it for a nutritious snack! Floating plants are excellent for providing pond fish with shelter and shade, & improving your pond ecosystem. Interestingly, fairy moss is actually an aquatic fern! Its mini fronds repel water, creating a mesmerizing waterproof effect! For use in ponds, containerized water gardens, or even planted tanks & aquariums! Tip: Place fairy moss in a koi feeding ring if you wish to minimize spread!

Be sure to use dechlorinated water for your floating plants. Never dispose of unwanted floating plants into local waterways, as they can interfere with ecosystems. Simply scoop out any unwanted plants, & throw them into the garbage!

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