Aquatic Gold Soil


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PURE GOLD! Chalily Aquatic Gold Soil is the perfect blend for ALL aquatic plants. That means your lilies, lotus and shallow water plants will all be happy and healthy! 

CLEAN POND HAPPY FISH! Won’t cloud up your pond like normal soil. Your water will stay crystal clear after planting. 

PACKED WITH NUTRIENTS! Our soil makes sure your new plants get all the natural nutrients they need as soon as you plant them. 

TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS! Chalily Aquatic Gold Soil is used to grow thousands of plants at our production greenhouse every year. It’s tried and true for both professional greenhouses, botanical gardens, and hobbyists alike. 

SECRET INGREDIENTS! Our secret ingredients are all-natural and non-toxic. Safe for all aquatic life. You’re getting the cream of the crop when it comes to soil!

Chalily Aquatic Gold Soil is pure gold! It’s specially formulated for water lilies and lotus but works well with all aquatic plants. Aquatic Gold soil is a heavy loam soil meaning it won’t cloud up your water feature or pond like normal soil so your water will stay crystal clear. Our Aquatic Gold secret formula is packed with nutrients, all-natural, and trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike! Don’t delay order today and get your pond plants planted like a professional in Chalily Aquatic Gold Soil! 


A high quality, nutrient packed soil is important for starting your plants off right. The next step to happy healthy plants with lots of blooms is fertilizer. We recommend using Chalily Lily and Lotus Fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants.

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