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ALL the Colors of the Rainbow! Bring all of the colors of the rainbow into your own backyard with our collection of rainbow aquatic plants! These perennials will last year after year and bring color, intrigue, and delight to your garden and pond. 

RED – Red Hibiscus has plate sized red blooms that attract hummingbirds and pollinators from miles away. 

ORANGE – Mangkala Ubol has peachy orange blooms with delicate fragrance making it a peachy keen choice!

YELLOW – Lemon Mist has soft yellow blooms with green pads. Lemon Mist adds a touch of lemony sunshine in your pond! 

GREEN – Zebra Rush has showstopping foliage that adds height to the edge of your pond. Makes a great plant to block out your neighbors and relax in your own backyard oasis 

BLUE – Blue Rush is a classic pond staple. The blue green foliage lasts all through the season. It’s a semi evergreen meaning you’ll have blue foliage all through the season and into the winter.

PURPLE – Black Gamecock Iris is perfectly purple in every way! The purple blooms are a deep velvety purple that add color to your pond in early spring and the foliage lasts all season long! 

This Bundle Includes: 

(1) Red Hibiscus Shallow Water Plant 

(1) Mangkala Ubol Water Lily

(1) Lemon Mist Water Lily

(1) Zebra Rush Shallow Water Plant 

(1) Blue Rush Shallow Water Plant

(1) Black Gamecock Iris Shallow Water Plant

Red Hibiscus Shallow Water Plant

  • Common name: Hibiscus, Scarlet Rosemallow
  • Botanical name: Hibiscus Coccineus
  • Bloom color: Red
  • Bloom time: Summer to Early Fall
  • Plant height: 5’-8’
  • Plant spread: 2’-3’
  • Light requirements: Full Sun to Part Shade 
  • Water depth: Up to 4”
  • USDA hardiness zones: 6-9
Mangkala Ubol Water Lily

  • Cultivar name: Nymphaea ‘Mangkala Ubol’
  • Bloom color: peach
  • Bloom size: 4 – 6”
  • Bloom time: June – September
  • Plant spread: 20 – 40”
  • Water depth: 6 – 24”
  • Light requirement: Full sun – part shade
  • USDA hardiness zone: 3 – 11
Lemon Mist Water Lily

  • Cultivar name: Nymphaea ‘Lemon Mist’
  • Bloom color: Light Yellow
  • Bloom size: 4 – 8”
  • Bloom time: Early summer to late fall. 
  • Plant spread: 4 – 8’
  • Water depth: 6 – 24”
  • Light requirement: Full Sun
  • USDA hardiness zone: 4 – 11
Zebra Rush Shallow Water Plant

  • Common name: Zebra Rush
  • Botanical name: Scirpus tabernaemontanii ‘Zebrinus’
  • Plant height: 4-6 ft. 
  • Plant spread: 2-3 ft. 
  • Light requirements: Full sun to part shade
  • Water depth: up to 6 in. 
  • USDA hardiness zones: 5-11
Blue Rush Shallow Water Plant

  • Common name: Blue rush, California gray rush,
  • Botanical name: Juncus patens
  • Bloom color: yellow – brown
  • Bloom time: Spring – Summer
  • Plant height: 1 – 2.5′
  • Plant spread: 1 – 2′
  • Light requirements: Full sun – part shade
  • Water depth: 2” – 6”
  • USDA hardiness zones: 4 – 9
Black Gamecock Shallow Water Plant

  • Common name: ‘Black Gamecock’ Louisiana Iris, purple Louisiana iris, water iris
  • Botanical name: Iris louisiana ‘Black Gamecock’
  • Bloom color: Dark purple/violet
  • Bloom time: Spring
  • Plant height: 1-2 ft.
  • Plant spread: 1-2 ft.
  • Light requirements: Full sun-part shade
  • Water depth: Moist soil-2 in. water depth
  • USDA hardiness zones: 5-11

NOTES FROM THE EXPERTS AT CHALILY: Our live plants are delivered as bare root plants. This means that the plant has mature, growing root structures ready to be planted. We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus Fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants.