Water Lilies

Water lilies make a beautiful addition to your backyard pond. The large leaves provide shade and protection for your pond life, including fish. Brilliant flowers bring a splash of lively color. During the summer, these flowers open during the daytime but close in the late afternoon.

Although each bloom only lasts a few days, your lily will produce bloom after bloom all season long. With proper fertilization, each lily can have multiple blooms at once!

Why Choose Water Lilies

Including water lilies in your pond has many benefits. In addition to protecting your fish from harsh sunlight and predators, they also benefit the pond’s ecosystem by filtering out excess nutrients that could lead to algae growth. Water lily leaves provide enough coverage from sunlight to also aid in discouraging algae development and release essential oxygen into the water.

What We Offer

We have several types of Water Lilies for sale. They all have leaves that float on the water surface, and bloom throughout the summer. They vary in bloom color, plant size, and hardiness area. There are so many different options you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you and your pond.

Our water lily flowers are available in a spectrum of vibrant colors, from ivory white to passionate purples to sunny yellows and perfect pinks. You will find many that you love among our extensive stock!

Depending on the size and depth of your pond, you can select water lilies for sale that meet your specific needs. We have water lilies ideal for smaller ponds or larger varieties perfect for deeper ones.

Our Guarantee

All of our water lilies come with a 100% Quality Guarantee. They are grown and shipped by skilled and trusted aquatic plant experts. Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy!
Growing Your Water Lilies
Water lilies prefer calm waters, away from fountains and waterfalls. They also need to be fertilized on a regular basis. During the growing season, we fertilize our lilies every two weeks.

To discourage fish from disturbing your lilies, they must be re-planted in suitably large baskets with fresh aquatic compost, topped with gravel or large stones. Chalily Aquatic Gold soil is ideal for planting your water lilies as it is a heavy loam soil packed with nutrients to make your lilies thrive! Chalily Aquatic Gold Soil is used to grow thousands of plants at our production greenhouse every year. It’s tried and true for both professional greenhouses, botanical gardens, and hobbyists alike.

What to Expect in Your Shipment

When we get your order, we choose the best-looking plants. They are then boxed and shipped carefully to you in packing material. Please attend to them quickly when they arrive by removing them from the packaging. You will find mature, growing root structures ready to be planted. Follow the enclosed instructions for planting, and watch your water lilies grow!

We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus Fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants for best growth and blooms.