The Lotus flower stands as a sacred symbol of purity and perfect beauty. One of the reasons for this flower’s high regard is that it grows in mud and ponds but blossoms into a pristine bloom. In some cultures and faiths, a lotus bloom represents enlightenment. 

It is no surprise that this plant is incredibly desired for home ponds. They can add the touch of peaceful elegance your garden pond may be lacking.

What We Offer

We have several types of lotus for sale, including:

Why Choose Lotus

While water lily’s leaves sit on the water’s surface, lotus leaves grow high above it. The flowers and leaves stand tall, up to 7 feet in some varieties. The flowers are proportionally very large and eye-catching. Lotus come in a variety of sizes from 7 feet tall, to tiny bowl lotus, no larger than a soda can. Whatever size, shape, or color you need, we have a lotus perfect for you. 

Lotus plants are good for your pond. They make great filters for naturally purifying the water. They also benefit your fish and other pond life by oxygenating the water. Lotus plants help maintain the nitrogen balance in garden ponds.  

If your state has brutal winters, you may find the lotus perfect for you as it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Lotus are fast-growing and resistant to many garden pests.    

Our Guarantee

All of our lotus tubers come with a 100% Quality Guarantee. They are grown and shipped by skilled and trusted aquatic plant experts. Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy!

Growing Your Lotus

We cannot ship full-grown lotus plants, so you will receive dormant tubers. When these arrive, please refrigerate them until it is time to plant in your area. Follow the enclosed planting instructions. 

When planting your lotus, remember they must be grown in a pot, not planted directly in your pond or water feature. If they are planted directly into a pond, they will over take the entire pond. They need to stay in a holeless pot to prevent overgrowth. 

Lotus need to be fertilized on a regular basis. During the growing season, we fertilize our lotus every two weeks. 

Chalily Aquatic Gold Soil is ideal for planting your lotus as it is a heavy loam soil packed with nutrients to make your lotus thrive! Chalily Aquatic Gold Soil is used to grow thousands of plants at our production greenhouse every year. It’s tried and true for both professional greenhouses, botanical gardens, and hobbyists alike.  

What to Expect in Your Shipment

When you order a lotus from us, we ship tubers, not the full-grown plant. This is because disturbing a lotus plant during its growing season doesn’t make for a very happy plant. We pick the healthiest tubers and prep them to be shipped to you in early Spring at the start of the growing season.

They are then boxed and shipped carefully to you in packing material. Please attend to them quickly when they arrive by removing them from the packaging and refrigerating them, or plant immediately. Plant your tubers according to our instructions and watch them grow!  

We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus Fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants for best growth and blooms.