Lily Like Plants

When you think about the ideal garden pond, it’s hard not to also imagine plants that look like lily pads. They have lush green leaves and gorgeous flowers that add color and elegance to your pond or water feature. Seeing these plants floating in your water garden brings a sense of tranquility and rest that we all need.

Why Choose Lily Pad Like Plants

For many reasons, plants that look like lily pads are an excellent choice for your garden pond. Like water lilies, lily-like pond plants have beautiful floating leaves and flowers. 

They grow best in aquatic soil. These plants can grow from just a few inches below the water’s surface and spread along the water’s surface several feet long. Even in a very deep pond, the flower of the lily-like plant remains floating or standing just above the pond’s surface. 


Lily pad looking plants are durable and fast growers! They can be perennial or annual depending on your location.  

Many Varieties Available

The varieties available are shocking. Lily-like plants can have flowers and leaves in different colors, sizes, and shapes, tolerate different conditions, and have varying needs for maintenance. Here at Chalily, we carry several unique and unusual types, along with the more classic varieties. 

Beneficial Self-Seeders

Lily-like plants add elegance to ponds, earning them the title, ‘jewels of the pond.’ Beyond their beautiful aesthetic, these aquatic plants serve a few essential functions in your pond. 

Some varieties can be prolific spreaders, meaning that they can quickly multiply over your pond. This is easy enough to keep in check, but the benefit of their spreading is that you can begin with just a few plants and, in time, have significant growth of lily-like plants all over your pond. 

Why do you want these plants all over your pond? 

  • Their lush leaves cover the water’s surface and provide shade and protection from predators to your pond wildlife. 
  • The leaves oxygenate the water, making it a healthy environment for fish, frogs, and others. 
  • The surface coverage of the water also protects your pond from getting too much sun. This hinders an overgrowth of algae and unhelpful bacteria. 
  • The roots aid a healthy ecosystem by oxygenating and keeping the water clean. They also absorb many nutrients from the water that would otherwise feed unwanted green plants and algae, helping to keep the water clear. 

Keeping Your Lily-Like Plants 

Lily-like aquatic plants are easy to maintain. Some lily likes require less sunlight to bloom making them perfect for ponds or water gardens in shady areas in your backyard. 

They make a lovely accent among marginal plants or between the rocks or rushes at the edges of your pond. Lily-like plants are well-suited for bog gardens, stream beds, container gardens, and ponds.    

Our Guarantee

All of our plants come with a 100% Quality Guarantee. They are grown and shipped by skilled and trusted aquatic plant experts. Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy!

What to Expect in Your Shipment

When we get your order, we choose the best-looking plants and pack them to arrive safely and in good condition. Our live plants are delivered as bare root plants, so they have mature, growing root structures ready to be planted. 

We recommend Chalily Lily and Lotus Fertilizer for all flowering aquatic plants for the best blooms and growth.