Floating Plants

Floating plants are a beautiful accent to any water feature. They’re unique structure makes them effortlessly float along the water’s surface! No planting necessary! Their aquatic roots sweep through the water as they bob along. Floating plants add the aesthetic appeal of texture and color, but most importantly, they have functional properties that improve your pond’s water quality and diversity. 

Floating Plants

Explore our selection of floating plants at Chalily, perfect for adding beauty and balance to your pond ecosystem, while providing shade for aquatic life.

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Showing all 6 results

Why Choose Floating Plants

Your pond or water feature may be optimized by adding floating aquatic plants. They add texture, color, and interest and are highly functional for creating and maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. 


There’s no getting around it; floating plants are beautiful. The range of shades, shapes, sizes, and textures is astounding! With a bit of research, you can easily find just the right plants to create the look you want. 

Some have very small leaves that appear as a layered green carpet across your pond, like the Duckweed or the Salvinia Floating Fern. But if you want a little more interest in texture or complexity, consider the Azolla Fairy Moss with its cookie-cutter leaves or the Water Hyacinth for height and dimension.     

Functionality of Floating Plants

Floating plants bring more to the table than their good looks. Their leaves oxygenate your pond water and help to filter it so you can maintain a healthy environment for your pond inhabitants. The plant leaves provide coverage that protects the pond water from getting too hot during summer months and seals out excessive sunlight, both of which protect your pond from algae overgrowth.  

The shade and shielding of the leaves give your pond life places to hide from the sun and predators. Hardy leaf varieties can even provide a safe resting place for frogs and toads. 

The roots of floating plants absorb nutrients from your pond water that would otherwise be food for unhelpful bacteria, algae, and other unwanted greenery. If your fish population multiplies, the roots also provide hiding places for baby fish until they’re big enough to avoid predators. 

A healthy ecosystem inside the pond is just as important as the aesthetic it produces.  

Maintaining Your Floating Plants

Floating plants are notoriously easy to maintain – you can just put them in your pond, and they begin to grow. But before adding them to your pond water in the spring, you should warm the water to above 65 degrees. Many variations of floating plants grow best in water that is warm. 

Our Guarantee

All of our floating plants come with a 100% Quality Guarantee. They are grown and shipped by skilled and trusted aquatic plant experts. Your plant is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy!

Availability By State

Some of our floating pond plants may only be available to some states. When you find a floating plant you like, please ensure it can be shipped to your state before ordering.  

What to Expect in Your Shipment

When we get your order, we choose the best-looking plants. They are then boxed and shipped carefully to you in packing material. Please attend to them quickly when they arrive by removing them from the packaging. Place your floating plants immediately in your dechlorinated pond and watch them grow!