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A large pond with plants and waterfalls

Ponds are lovely water features that can add so much to your garden or yard. There are numerous types of ponds that come in all shapes and sizes. The price for building a pond varies significantly based on what you want. We’ll cover how different factors affect the price of a pond so you can get an idea of what to expect when it’s time to start building.

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Factors That Affect How Much it Costs to Build a Pond

We’ll start with this: professionally built ponds are not cheap, and many factors can significantly affect how much you’ll end up paying.

The biggest factors include the following:

How Big of a Pond Do You Want?

One of the primary factors affecting the final price of building a pond is its size. Bigger ponds require more digging, lining, labor, and water.

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What Type of Pond Do You Want?

There are various types of ponds, but we’ll cover the two most common.

Above-Ground Ponds

Also known as a container gardens.  If you have limited space or a smaller budget, above-ground ponds are a great option. Joe’s Patio Pond is a great beginner friendly container garden that fit in ANY space! You can use any watertight container you have on hand — barrels, bathtubs, troughs, etc. The Chalily retail store even used a old watertight boat as an aboveground pond! 

Backyard & Koi Ponds

A school of colorful koi fish in a pond

Backyard & koi ponds are another attractive option that many people love to build in their yards or gardens, creating the perfect ecosystem for colorful, playful fish.

These ponds are extremely beautiful and are our personal favorites.

The best ponds use the space to their advantage! If you have a sloping backyard a waterfall or stream will make your space pop. We prefer to use your space as a jumping off spot for what would best fit your wants as well as what unique characteristics the property has to offer.

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Excavation and Labor Costs

There are many other things that affect a pond’s installation cost, but the third significant factor is the price for  labor.

One of the first steps of building a pond is clearing the land, digging a hole, and clearing out rocks and vegetation from the area.

And if you need to remove any trees, those costs will increase.

You’ll have to pay labor for the excavation, liner installation, equipment like pumps and filters, and other water features.

Fish and Plant Stocking Costs

The best part about owning a pond is stocking it with fish, plants, and other wildlife to create a serene, relaxing space on your property. 

Pond plants aren’t only beautiful to look at — they also help control algae, improve water quality, oxygenate the water, balance the ecosystem, and provide shelter for your fish.

Our favorite part is stocking your pond with plants! 

Then, it’s time to think about stocking your pond with fish and other aquatic life. 

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How to Save Money Building a Pond

A water lily growing in a pond

If you don’t mind the hard work, you can build your own pond and save a significant amount. However, it’s not as easy as you might think.

The basic steps include measuring the area, renting an excavator or digging the hole by hand, digging the hole to exact specifications, installing liner and edging, adding different features, and filling the pond.

If you’re not confident about building your own pond, leave it to the pros. 

If you decide to build your own pond, you’ll need to stock it yourself — find the best pond plants here.