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This service is provided free of charge, allowing you to connect with fellow fish advocates, enabling you to buy, sell and trade your finned friends.


To post, please fill out the 'From' and 'Subject' fields below and indicate whether you would like to buy, sell, trade, or donate fish. We recommend indicating the type, size, quantity and color of the fish you intend to exchange.  To reply to a user’s listing, click on the post and hover over the tier posting with your mouse. The word 'Reply' will appear and click to reply to their posting. Please indicate how you would like to be contacted in the comments section.  

Please keep in mind that it is highly recommended to quarantine any new fish before introducing them to your pond. An article on how to quarantine fish can be found by clicking the following link: Quarantining new additions to your pond

Disclaimer: Chalily Pond and Gardens shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss, expense, damage or spam of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred by any person or fish who accesses, uses, or is exchanged in any way on this website.

Fish Exchange

Apr 18

Healthy pond produced 40 plus last spring, several varieties of gold fish fry, wintered over well. Call David 314-740-9099 Free

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New Posts
  • We have 5 Koi Fish for sale. 16-18 inches. One is bright yellow,one is all white,one is white with black marks ,one is white,orange and black and the other one is orange with black marks. We are selling for $75 a piece. Please text me at+16364858053 if interested. We live In Weldon Springs.
  • I have approx 7+ larger koi for sale. They are currently in a small pond on our property and I am selling them as pond is being transitioned into native species (bass, bluegill, catfish) Coloring is oranges, whites, blacks, and combinations of those colors. 2 of them are butterfly type tales. Fish range in size from 10" to 20" (approximately, don't know until i catch them) They must be gone by 6/1/19
  • First time owner of a pond with common goldfish. Bought our house in December 2017 so when spring sprang, I had about nine little gold fish. They grew and reproduced to the amount of one large solid gold (bright orange) appx 6-7 inches long (I include their tails). Next there are appx 6 varying colors of light to deep orange btw 5-6 inches. From there it's a free for all. I would guess four dozen smaller size to include 4 white and orange appx 2-3 inches long with the rest being smaller than two inches. and they keep coming! I do not think my pond is big enough to keep them all safe through the winter and would like to give anyone who has the room some fish. Anyone interested?