Arrow Arum: Facts & Where To Purchase

Chalily’s arrow arum in a pond


Arrow Arum, or Peltandra virginica, is a fascinating plant that not only adds beauty to water gardens but also plays a crucial role in environmental conservation. This article will talk about the characteristics and benefits of Arrow Arum, providing insights into its botanical profile, ecological impact, and great contribution to water gardens. Additionally, we’ll explore where to purchase Arrow Arum, examining options from starter plugs to bareroot plants, the shopping experience with sellers like Chalily, and alternative plant choices for enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways


  • Arrow Arum is a valuable plant for water gardens and wetland habitats, known for its aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits such as erosion control.
  • Chalily offers a variety of Arrow Arum plants for purchase, including starter plugs and bareroot options, with a reputation for excellent customer service.
  • When considering Arrow Arum for your garden, also explore related plants like Physocarpus Diabolo and Carnation from other nurseries, to enhance your water garden’s diversity.

Understanding Arrow Arum: Characteristics and Benefits

Botanical Profile of Peltandra Virginica

Arrow Arum, or Peltandra virginica, is a perennial plant that graces water gardens with its elegant, long-stalked leaves. These distinctly shaped leaves are bright green, often spreading out in an oblong triangle shape, which adds a regal touch to your aquatic landscape. 

When it comes to plant care, Arrow Arum is pretty hardy. It thrives in hardiness zones 5-9 and can adapt to full sun, partial sun, or shade. This makes it a versatile choice for different garden exposures. To grow Arrow Arum successfully, plant it in moist, shallow areas where it can form large colonies. This plant loves space to showcase its stunning foliage and contributes to water purification by absorbing excess nutrients and pollutants.

As a native species, Arrow Arum is well-suited to local environments. By incorporating it into your garden, you’re supporting the health of local ecosystems and the wildlife that rely on them. If you’re looking to purchase Arrow Arum, consider the Chalily offering a variety of pond plants, where you can pre-order this shallow water plant for $18.99, with a quality guarantee and detailed plant information provided.

Erosion Control and Environmental Impact


Arrow Arum, or Peltandra virginica, is not just a visually appealing plant; it plays a crucial role in erosion control. Its fibrous root system anchors the soil along waterways, mitigating the erosion, degradation, and loss of coastal habitats. This is particularly vital for areas like Lake Erie’s coastal zone, where such challenges are significant.

When you’re looking to add Arrow Arum to your garden, consider its dual function as both an ornamental and an environmental guardian. It thrives in wetland habitats, making it an excellent choice for water gardens or naturalized areas. To ensure successful growth, plant Arrow Arum in areas with ample moisture and partial to full sunlight. It’s a hardy species that can adapt to various wet soil conditions, but it does best when it has a consistent water source.

By incorporating Arrow Arum into your landscape, you’re contributing to a stable and healthy aquatic environment. Its presence can help protect shorelines from erosion while providing aesthetic value. Remember, while Arrow Arum is a champion of erosion control, it’s also a haven for wildlife, offering habitat and food for various aquatic creatures.


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Aesthetic and Habitat Value for Water Gardens


Chalily’s arrow arum in shallow water pond


Arrow Arum, or Peltandra virginica, is a plant that will captivate you with its lush, deep-green foliage, creating a serene and picturesque setting in your water garden. Its aesthetic appeal is matched by its ecological value, providing a haven for aquatic wildlife such as fish, amphibians, and invertebrates. The leaves and stems of Arrow Arum offer essential shade, shelter, and sustenance, enhancing the biodiversity and health of your aquatic ecosystem.

When it comes to plant care, Arrow Arum is relatively low-maintenance, thriving in wetland and shoreline conditions. Here’s how to grow Arrow Arum in your garden:

  1. Choose a location with full to partial sunlight.
  2. Ensure the soil is consistently moist or even boggy.
  3. Plant Arrow Arum in shallow water or at the water’s edge.

Native to areas like the Eastern United States, Arrow Arum naturally grows in marshes and along stream banks. Incorporating this plant into your water garden not only enriches the habitat but also contributes to preserving the unique plant life of wetlands.


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Purchasing Arrow Arum at Chalily


Options for Buying Arrow Arum


When you’re ready to add the distinctive Peltandra virginica, or Arrow Arum, to your water garden, you’ll find a variety of purchasing options. Our bare root plants are more mature than a starter plug. So it’s easier than a starter plug.

Starter plugs are ideal if you’re looking for a head start on growth, as they come rooted and ready to transplant. On the other hand, bareroot plants offer a more hands-on approach, allowing you to witness the full journey from planting to flourishing.

Arrow Arum thrives in wetland areas, so ensure you have a moist environment for it to grow. Here’s a simple guide to care for your Arrow Arum:

  • Plant it in a location with partial to full sunlight.
  • Maintain consistently wet soil, mimicking its natural wetland habitat.
  • Arrow Arum is generally low-maintenance


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Chalily’s bare root arrow arum


Arrow Arum, or Peltandra virginica, is a valuable addition to any water garden or wetland area. With options to purchase from reputable sellers like Chalily , enthusiasts can easily add this native wetland plant to their collection. Whether you’re looking to create a bioretention area, attract dragonflies, or simply enjoy the beauty of native wildflowers, Arrow Arum is a resilient and beneficial choice. Remember to consider the growing conditions and plant behavior, as with any garden addition, to ensure that it thrives and contributes positively to your garden ecosystem.