About Chalily

Chalily Pond and Gardens is your single source for all things water in the garden. We are proud to serve you year-round as your one stop shop for everything from outdoor decor to helping you build the custom koi pond of your dreams. We've got you covered with the single best collection of water plants in the Midwest, and a broad selection of pond supplies, water treatments, garden and yard decor, pumps, filtration, fish and fountains.


Established in Spring 2011, owners Joe and, his wife, Tonya named the store after their two children Charles and Lily, Chalily. Much like their children, the store continues to grow every year, and this year we are excited to offer plants directly from our own greenhouse. A Horticulturist by trade, Joe developed a love for water gardens while working for the Missouri Botanical Garden, where his focus was the giant Victoria Water Lilies. While there, he produced the only hybrid Victoria in Missouri Botanical Garden history, and aptly named it Victoria ‘Adventure’. His studies have also taken him to the Amazon Rainforest, where he continued to study the art and practice of garden cultivation and management. Prior to establishing Chalily, Joe served as the Vice President of Anjon Manufacturing, a national company which produces pond liner material, pumps and filtration units. Joe is currently the 2018-19 Vice President of the St. Louis Water Garden Society and has also served three terms as President. He also sits on the board of directors for World Water Lily and Water Garden Association. Joe loves being YOUR personal expert on all things water in the garden. 


Come on in to see us, we're thrilled to help get you started with your next project!

Top Right: Joe Summers is featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch for his work in the Amazon.

Bottom Left & Right: Lily and Charles Summers with Victoria Amazonica, giant water lillies.