Water Hawthorn is a delightful cool water pond plant!

Experience fragrant vanilla blooms all winter long!

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Floating Plants are the easiest plant in the world!

From Hyacinth to lettuce to duckweed, we've got them all!

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It's Water Lily Time!

Water Lilies are a staple in every pond! They add color and life to all water gardens!

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Taros add a tropical look to any backyard oasis!

Taros have large lush leaves with bright green, black, or even mojito speckling!

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Celebrating Water in the Garden

We specialize in all things water in the garden! From plants and fish to water features, we'll help you turn your space into an oasis!

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The story behind Chalily

Chalily was established in Spring 2011 with the dream of celebrating water in the garden. The owners Joe & Tonya named the store after their two children Charles and Lily, Chalily. Much like their children, the store continues to grow every year. Since 2011 Chalily has expanded exponentially! We now offer plants directly from our own greenhouse in St. Louis.

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What our customers say

Just received my order of pond iris’s, and was super surprised to receive an extra pond plant! Thank you!! The plants look very healthy and I can’t wait to see them when they bloom. They also arrived priority very fast. Will be ordering more from this company.

- Noelle P

Great pond shop. They are very knowledgeable and even grow their own pond plants locally. They even carry native pond plants.

- Steve C

Ordered a lily, which arrived perfectly and now has 5 pads and a flower ready to burst in my pond! And we are just about as far as you can ship..in Washington State! I will be purchasing more products for our pond.

- Janet P

They have a broad selection and we found the perfect fountain for us. Installation and delivery was prompt and very professionally done.  We had a potential issue shortly afterward and the response was great.  We are very happy with our experience.

- David B

Some of the friendliest and most helpful staff that I have met at any pond store. Probably some of the best prices on imported koi that you will find anywhere in the midwest. Don’t let those prices deceive you.The koi are from notable breeders, and they are beautiful to match.

- Mitchell B

Have been to Chalily  and bought plAnts and fish and also ordered plants from them online,great selection  and quality plants. definately  will buy again.

- Mark P

Great pond store. Many plants and Koi available, plus fountains and other pond supplies.  Very helpful and friendly.

- Matt M

I have been trying to get my small water feature up and running for awhile and this was just the place to get help doing it! Joe is very knowledgeable and has extensive experience since he used to work at MO botanical garden.  He helped me pick out the best plants and even told me what to do to keep them alive over the winter. Give them a try and you will not be disappointed.

- Luciann H

I ordered a purple pickerel rush from this business on Amazon. Just received my order, early, today and all I can say is WOW!! The water plant is so healthy and green. I wish I would have ordered more!! It is so hard to find healthy pond plants in my area. When I do find some they usually look like they are on deaths door. Thank you Chalily! I will be ordering more plants for my pond!

- Debbie B

My beautiful Water iris arrived thriving, heathly,and happy!!! My water iris arrived, just in time for mother’s day!! I followed the instructions and waiting with excitement!! Thank you for quality product it’s worth the price!!!!! Awesome!!!!

- Sharon B