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The team at Chalily will help you create and maintain a beautiful home, water garden and backyard oasis.

Chalily is a home and garden center selling beauty.

Products, Supplies and Decor

Pond Treatments

We offer many pond treatments to keep your pond healthy and looking beautiful!  Beneficial bacteria, dechlorinator, and algaecides are just a few of the treatments we offer.  All our treatments are safe for your fish and plants and will help to keep their home looking great!

Pond Filtration

There are a variety of pond filtration options.  If you are wondering about bio-balls, UV filters, or another option,  we can help you choose the right filter for you and your pond.

Pond Pumps

Our pump choices range from smaller pumps for fountains to larger pumps ready for your larger pond or water feature.  We have hoses and fittings to help you get your pump up and running and your water moving!

Live Fish

You can expect a variety of water creatures when you come to Chalily.  We get our fish from all around the world.  We carry Koi and Butterfly Koi of many sizes.  We also have Hi-Fin sharks, goldfish, Golden Orfs, Rosey Red Minnows, Mosquito Fish, tadpoles and snails.


Here at Chalily we have submersible lights for inside your water feature or pond.  We also carry flood lights and color changing lights to add some excitement to the outside of your fountain or waterfall!


Aquatic Plants

When you come to Chalily you will find pond plants to suit every pond.  We carry floating plants like hyacinths and water lettuce.  We also have marginal, or shallow, water plants like papyrus, cattails, monkey flower, iris, and many more!  And, of course, we have water lilies.  We have perennial lilies, annual lilies, and the beautiful (and large) Victoria Lily.


We have fountains for your home and garden.  Whether you want to hear the trickle or splashing of water while you eat dinner or barbeque, you will find what you need at Chalily.  We have bubbling rocks and urns, unique fountains, self-contained fountains, and more choices that will fit you and your style.

Wind Art

At Chalily, we have wind art for the whimsical and contemporary.  Spinning balloons decorate our pond as well as metal spinners, windsocks, and flags.  Many come in different sizes, styles, and patterns so we have something for everyone!


...and many other pond/garden supplies & accessories!

Customer Testimonials
"Joe Summers' "Chalily" pond store has the largest selection of pond plants, fish, and miscellaneous supplies for "ponding" in the area. He is extremely knowledgeable when asked a question about any thing concerning backyard ponds. I have purchased koi, fish food, and plants for my pond, and have been very happy with the quality. I love visiting his store as I always learn so much!"

R. Scotti



"I put in my first small pond,not knowing much about them,talk to Joe about problems I was having he gave me so much information and did not try to sale me everything. Really liked going there and will return when I build a bigger water feature."


"I have a 20,000 gallon swimming pool that I converted to a koi pond. Although balancing the water quality is easier in ponds with a larger volume there is still a lot of info I need to keep everything in check. Joe is always great to offer suggestions on trying new things or doing things better. He doesn't try to sale me everything in his store which I greatly appreciate! His staff is also quite friendly and quite helpful when he isn't around!"




"Just crossing the little bridge to get into the shop make you relax! I went into the store for another reason, but I was so impressed by the interesting selection of items in the shop. I was even more impressed by the helpful, friendly, and knowledgable service and advice."

Elsie Winstead